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Syngonium (Pink Splash) Plant - in 6" Nursery Pot

Syngonium (Pink Splash) Plant - in 6" Nursery Pot

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This beautiful syngonium thrives in temperatures between 70-80F. Avoid cold drafts and cold window panes in winter. Syngonium is a member of the Araceae family, along with the philodendron, and is easy to care for. 

Light Requirements: 
Bright, indirect light

Keep soil slightly moist at all times. Do not over-water.

Arrowheads are always growing new leaves, but may drop them if the plant gets too dry. Cut off dry, shriveled leaves and aim to keep the potting mix lightly moist at all times.

Growth and Size:

20+ inches, Bush-like growth will spread. 

NOTE: This plant is not safe for pets or human consumtion. Syngonium podophyllum has sap that contains calcium oxalate crystals and is toxic to pets and people and can cause skin irritation. Place in a spot away from pets and kids.